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hayleykat said: Glad to hear you had a great time! Im just wondering about your experience of Vacation Planner! Also are there any roles you wish you had? Anything future dcps show be aware of? Thank you:)

Sure! Vacation planning was amazing, I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better role. A lot of people say it’s the nicest CP role because we get a lot of perks I guess (working inside, no crazy hours, etc). Although it definitely has it’s downfalls like any other role. (Mainly grumpy guests complaining about how much tickets cost or you having to fix something that they may have messed up with their tickets). With vacation planning we have the longest training period. It ends up being about 2.5-3 weeks before all is said and done and you actually start the job but that’s because there’s so much info to learn. Really, once you get the hang of it, it isn’t too hard. They really look for people with good communication skills and a sweet personality for this role so if you’re applying, make sure to convey that in your phone interview. I’ve heard a lot of my friends really like BBB and Pirates League, Entertainment, or merchandise. Every role has it’s good and bad but if you ask anyone who’s done the program, I guarantee they’ll say that the people they were with made going to work fun, not the role they were in! Let me know if you have any more questions at all!

Update! (The end of my program. *Sobbing noises*)

Well it seems as though I haven’t posted on here in forever! (oops!)

At this point my Disney College Program is very unfortunately over. I’ve been back in chilly Wisconsin for about a month now and I can say 100 % without a doubt, I am so homesick for Disney.

People ask me what I thought about the DCP and if I would recommend it. Both questions I can answer simply with “It was the best experience of my entire life” and “Yes. But be prepared for it to flip your world upside down and change your life for the better”.

Disney was everything I could have ever wanted and more. Sure, there were rough times. (You’re poor, you’re sick of working, you get the flu, you called in too many times and got a reprimand, it’s christmas, the most terrifying time of the year, etc.) but it’s the people and the environment that make it worth it.

For me, my roommate turned into my best friend, my friends turned into my family, and my coworker turned into the love of my life (Yea, didn’t expect that one to happen), and I spent every second I wasn’t working either sleeping, eating, or exploring each and every disney park, resort, water park, and restaurant I could get access to. I had so many “straight out of a movie” moments and if anyone is interested in hearing some, shoot me a message and I’ll be more than happy to post a few stories.

I’m so so so so so sad my program is over but I’m planning to head down in about a month for spring break where I will use my annual pass I plan to purchase, to its full advantage. (And as a (Former D’:) Vacation planner, that says a lot).

If any of you future DCPers are looking for some advice, stories, must do’s, etc, shoot me a message. I will be more than happy to share any information I can with you. (And after my 5 months of constant exploring, I should be able to answer most if not all questions).

Good luck to all of you future applicants!

Faith Trust and Pixie Dust

veronica-wasboyski said: Hi! I plan on doing the DCP in Fall 2014 (hopefully!) and I'm very interested in the role of vacation planner? Can you tell me a little about the role? Was it in your top 3? Did your interviewer ask any specific questions relating to it? Thanks!

Hello there! A Vacation Planner mainly does Disney sales. I haven’t gotten much information yet about it due to the fact that my traditions (orientation) session is tomorrow! So sometime on Friday I’ll post a big thing about VPs and what they do, although I’ve heard from a lot of people that it’s the best position in the program! The position was in my top 3 and my interviewer didn’t really ask me any specific questions about it, really just if I was still interested in it! Feel free to ask if you have any more questions and be on the look out for that VP blog post! 

Hello, Disney!

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t updated in a while but that’s all about to change because… My internship has officially started!!!!!!! Yep, that’s right! I’m here in Orlando and I can now say that I live at Disney World. 

Let me give you a quick recap of the last 5 days:

Friday the 16th my mom, dad, brother, and I piled in two cars loaded with my massive amount of stuff and drove to pick up my roommate, Kelli, and then we all drove to Kentucky. Saturday and Sunday weren’t very exciting either seeing as we drove to Georgia, then finally made it to Florida Sunday evening.

Yesterday (Monday) was my first real “Disney” day which wasn’t as magical as I thought it would be. Waking up at 5:00 am (4:00am Wisconsin time) wasn’t the best way to start. Check in was definitely a long and stressful process. We showed up about 10 minutes early and had to wait in the check in line for maybe an hour and a half. Blah blah blah paperwork blah blah blah sign this blah blah blah. The exciting part about check in was that we got to find out where we live and where we would be working. Living was first. After a little bit of a mix up (which we got fixed fairly easily, thankfully!) We found out that we were living in a 1 bedroom in The Commons (Which is stunning and is known for being a bit of an international apartment building and we’ve already seen a guy walking around in a full on Africa costume, so that’s awesome). After that came finding out where we would be working. I pretty much had a heart attack due to excitement when I looked down at my sheet and saw that I was placed in Epcot, my all time favorite park!!!! 

After check in came casting which was held in a beautiful castle like building and seemed so exciting but was in reality the most boring thing I could have done in that moment. It was a lot of standing around and waiting and signing things and double checking information and attempting to be perky when all we really needed was lunch and a nap. So two hours later we emerged from casting and hopped on a bus back to where check in was, where we then got to move all of our things into our new apartment!  

Move in was way too long and as I type this I’m still looking at some of our boxes piled up in the corner. So after a long day of grocery shopping, check in, move in, we were completely exhausted and promptly passed out.

My schedule for the rest of the week looks pretty amazing… A quick housing meeting today, nothing tomorrow, “traditions” (orientation) Thursday, then 3 entire days off and therefore getting to spend every day at all of the Disney Parks.

My emotions are definitely confusing and I’m still not sure how to feel. I’m a little homesick but more so for missing people then actual home, but I’m ridiculously excited to be here. 

Thanks for checking in, friends and fam, and be on the look out for some pictures and a apartment tour video coming soon! 


Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t updated in a bit. I’m trying to get through my last semester before Disney and with finals coming up I’ve been having lots of late night dates with my text books at the library.

So, on the Disney front here’s what’s been going on…

I had my Disney audition about a month ago! It didn’t go as well as I had hoped since I didn’t make it past the first round but it was still a really great and fun experience! I highly recommend going to one. I could go into specifics about the audition and the details of it and my theories on what they were looking for etc. but I can write a separate post for those who are interested; just let me know! 

I have 100% fully embraced my role as a vacation planner and I am soooo excited for it!!! I’ve heard it’s amazing and I just can’t wait to get down to Florida and start!

School will be wrapping up soon and then after a few short months I’ll be in florida! 





masterkenobiwan said: Hey, Beautiful! Just wanted to say congratulations on Accepting the DCP! What role did you receive? Also break a leg at auditions, wear form-fitting comfortable clothes, arrive an hour early, and you don't need a headshot. Let me know if you have any questions, and Have a Magical Day!

Aw! Thank you so much, dear! I got the role of a vacation planner! If the auditions don’t go as well as I hope then I’m still so excited to do that. Thanks so much for all the tips! :) 

It’s been 1 month…

Since I was accepted into the DCP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND MY CHARACTER AUDITION IS IN 3 DAYS.

marcelinemainstreet said: Congrats on your acceptance Chelsea! And good luck with your audition! Break a leg!

Thank you so much, dear! I’m so nervous! I hope it goes well!!!